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How Sauna Works

A sauna session typically involves spending a period of time exposed to elevated temperatures in order to allow the body to react to this hyperthermic environment.  Sauna sessions have long been believed to help cleanse the body and mind, both through perspiration and through meditation.  Scientific studies have more recently revealed the many complex changes that can occur due to sauna exposure. Increased blood flow to virtually all parts of the body, increased heart rate, improved insulin sensitivity, improved cellular turnover, and even increased metabolic rate have all been observed.  Some theorize that by participating in regular sauna sessions, a user’s body might mimic the physiologic changes experienced during moderate cardiovascular exercise, including the elevated mood that comes from that post-workout endorphin rush.  When you consider the comfort on aching joints and muscles that the warmth can also provide, why not schedule your session today?

Why Clearlight Infrared Sauna?

Here at Vitality Bar, we researched to select the highest quality and safest form of sauna for our members.  Clearlight saunas are physician-designed.  They have extensively tested their heaters for efficiency and safety, ensuring they deliver consistent temperature output, while minimizing the production of EMF radiation.  By choosing an infrared sauna over traditional heaters, users can experience the many sauna benefits at a more comfortable 130 degrees Fahrenheit versus the traditional sauna temperature in excess of 175 degrees Fahrenheit.  You’ll feel comfortable enough to stay in your session longer and participate in sessions more frequently.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Natural Pain Relief

Like a warm compress for your whole body, ease the discomfort in your joints and muscles.


Heat improves and increases blood flow in your body.  Just like your body naturally increases blood flow to assist with healing wounds and infections in your body, you can encourage this effect with a sauna session.

Cardiovascular Strength

Why does your doctor recommend cardio exercise to improve your heart health?  Because your heart is a muscle!  By making that muscle pump harder and more regularly, you’re building stamina and increasing strength.  Spending time in a sauna has been shown to increase your heart rate in a similar fashion.  

Sweat it out!

Did you know that as we age, our ability to thermoregulate can decrease?  Regular sauna use before this happens can help maintain those crucial body systems designed to keep you comfortable in all temperatures.
A good sweat is a sign of health!

A Peaceful Mind

Soothing lights, your choice of music, no phones, no work; just you.  Quiet your mind and practice intentional breathing while you’re cocooned in our private and beautiful sauna.

Feel Good Hormones

The same way a good jog can boost your mood, promising studies suggest that regular sauna sessions may actually help prevent or improve mood disorders.  

Weight Loss

In a 2-phase study at Binghamton University, participants who used the sauna for 45 minutes per day, 5 days per week for 8 weeks, lost an average of 4% of their body weight (compared to a control group with no sauna usage).

Improve Recovery

Some studies have shown reduced recovery time for injuries and muscle soreness and fatigue after heavy workouts.

Glowing Skin

 Infrared sauna heat stimulates collagen and elastin production to improve skin suppleness, elasticity, and tone. Increased blood flow also enhances the delivery of nutrients to help moisturize and heal damaged skin.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Got a question? We’ve got answers.

Yes. Infrared saunas use harmless infrared light (the same kind emitted by the sun) so they do not pose a health risk to children or adults. The light used in the infrared sauna does not contain harmful ultraviolet rays.

We recommend wearing whatever is comfortable for you. Some users prefer to bring along a swimsuit for their treatment. Others may choose to wear nothing at all. We provide towels to cover the surface of the sauna to prevent damage to the wood from body oils or sweat.  

While you’ve probably seen images of users lying on the bench or even napping during their sauna session, the ideal position for your treatment would be sitting upright, feet positioned on the lower surface, with face and front side of the body facing the front heaters. The far infrared wavelengths utilized in the sauna can do their job best when they are evenly absorbed by your body.

While sauna use is safe for most participants, including those with some heart conditions, it is not safe for everyone. Some contraindications for sauna use include: 
* those currently taking diuretics, barbiturates or beta blockers.
* anyone with difficulty regulating body temperature, including children and some elderly adults.
* anyone who has not been cleared by their physician for cardiovascular exercise.
* anyone with impaired perspiration function in any part of their body.
* anyone with a pacemaker or defibrillator.

The final determination if the sauna is appropriate for you will come from your assessment of your physical condition and from consulting with your physician. If in doubt, avoid the sauna until you consult with your doctor.

For healthy adults, we recommend a 30-minute session at up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. If at any point in your session, you would like to reduce the temperature or reduce your exposure time, you can always choose to do so. A user should remain aware of their physical comfort and exit the sauna immediately if they are experiencing unwanted side effects (feeling dizzy or faint, shortness of breath, nausea, etc.)  

For healthy people, the only study-supported negative side effect was lowered sperm production in men. If you’re currently trying to conceive, it may be worth temporarily avoiding sauna use until pregnancy is achieved. The side effect was found to be short-term and completely reversed upon discontinuing use of sauna.  

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