Cryotherapy That Soothes the Whole Body

Tired of pain, inflammation, fatigue, and poor sleep?  Freeze them out in 3 minutes a day!


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How Cryotherapy Works

Whole body cryotherapy is taking the health and wellness world by storm!  Previously only utilized by high level athletes (think ice baths), now you have access to the benefits without the mess!  

Vitality Bar is excited to be the first company in Wausau to invest in this state of the art technology.  

In our private room, you’ll be provided a hat, gloves, and slippers to protect your extremities - and enter the cryo chamber.  Cooled to sub-zero temperatures, you’ll listen to a song of your choice and practice some deep breathing while you shiver for up to 3 minutes.  While inside the chamber, your body mimics a natural flight or fight response that constricts blood vessels and moves the blood toward the core to protect vital organs.  Once you exit, you’ll immediately feel your body buzz and tingle with energy as you warm back up.  No sweating for results, no drying off, no excuses! 

Benefits of Cryo Sauna

Pain Relief

An ice pack for EVERYTHING!  Cryotherapy cools the skin, muscles, blood and the nerves that connect it all.  Many studies have highlighted the benefit of cold therapy for all types of pain relief, including nerve pain.  

Muscle Healing

Professional athletic trainers have used cold therapy to promote faster recovery for their athletes for decades.  They know that cold therapy reduces inflammation and swelling AND encourages a rapid increase in blood flow as we naturally warm back up - thus giving a double benefit:  Less pain and injury and faster recovery!

Reduce Inflammation

Cold therapy is well known for reducing the swelling that can impede healthy blood flow, cause excess pain, and prolong healing.

Boost Mood

Just a few minutes in the Cryosauna causes a physiologic hormonal response in the body; releasing adrenaline, noraderenaline and endorphins.  A study found that cryotherapy was an effective short-term treatment for anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Improve Antioxidant

The irony of oxygen is that we can’t live without it AND oxygen is a driver of deterioration.  The same way we cool or freeze our food to prevent spoiling (preventing oxidation), when we significantly cool our bodies, they produce higher levels of antioxidants (the substance that combats oxygen’s detrimental breakdown of tissue.)

Improve Skin

Several studies reported improvement in inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema.  Cooling our tissues reduces inflammation, which is a major component in skin irritation. 

Improve Sleep

Several studies report improved sleep for participants who utilize Whole Body Cryo.  One study specifically noted professional athletes who struggled to sleep after an intense evening workout, reported significant improvement to their sleep (measured by number of times they moved during the night) when they utilized cryotherapy before bed.

Boost Metabolism

A 2021 study measured the resting energy output of women who participated in regular cryotherapy sessions.  They found between 5.5% and 8.8% (depending on the body composition of the participants) increased resting energy expenditure.  There were no other lifestyle changes in the study - only cryotherapy!

Your choice to chill is your choice to heal!


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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Pregnant women, children, those with uncontrolled high blood pressure, or serious heart conditions. If you’re unsure, you should check with your doctor.

We can help you gauge your comfort level in a few ways. First, we can shorten the duration of your session to something that sounds tolerable for you. Second, we can raise the temperature so you can gradually acclimate over several sessions. Third, you can commit to the deep cold for the full session - but you’re free to simply open the door and leave the chamber at any time. You have complete control!

We recommend at least once weekly, or any time you need a boost of benefits. Some people will choose to come in after a heavy lifting session, after a long run, or when they’re struggling with muscle recovery or healing an injury.  

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