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We’re friends, community members, medical providers, and wellness enthusiasts. When the time came to bring our business to life, we knew it had to honor all of these important roles. Vitality Bar fulfilled that dream!

Jason and Jessica Mack

Jason attended medical school at Kansas City University and graduated in 2011. He then moved to Wausau, WI to complete his residency. Jason enjoyed living in Central Wisconsin and wanted to raise his family here and has been working as a local hospitalist since 2014. In his free time you can find Jason adventuring with his wife and daughter, watching sports, or playing golf.   

Jessica (Jess) was born and raised in Central Wisconsin. She graduated from Northcentral Technical College as a registered nurse in 2010. In 2011 she started working on an inpatient oncology unit. She graduated with her bachelors degree in nursing in 2015 where she continued working on the oncology unit for a total of 11 years. Jess enjoys being with her husband and daughter, reading, traveling, exercising, and spending time with family.

Growing old is inevitable and it is vital to be proactive to either create or maintain a healthy lifestyle. They wanted to start Vitality Bar to offer services that will help aid not only them, but their community, to feel their best from the inside out as they continue to age.

Kyle and Hanna Hunter

Kyle graduated from Arizona State University in 2005 with a degree majoring in Spanish and minoring in Justice Studies. He then moved with his family to Mexico to attend  medical school at La Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, graduating in 2010. Kyle attended the residency program at Aspirus Wausau Hospital, graduating in 2013. After a brief stay in North Carolina where he was a community physician and dedicated hospitalist, he jumped at the opportunity to move his family back to Wausau. He has been a nocturnal hospitalist since 2016. Kyle spends his free time with his wife and kids, teaching himself the art of DIY home improvement, golfing, boating, listening to podcasts and exploring new ways to create a vibrant life!

Hanna has dedicated her time and energy to caring for their 8 kids. She loves to read books on self improvement and optimizing mental health. In 2015, she became a certified yoga instructor and currently offers classes at a local yoga studio.

Together, they wanted to set the example for their kids that if you love something, you protect it. Getting older doesn’t have to mean slowing down or doing less. They found the treatments and self-care innovations that they sought for their own health and wellness were little known or even non-existent in our area. They created Vitality Bar to be the ‘one stop shop’ they couldn’t find.

Keely Edelburg

Keely grew up in Wausau but attended college in both Madison and Eau Claire obtaining a bachelors degree of Comprehensive Health Studies. After graduating from EC in 2016, nursing was an interest that could not be ignored. She started on the inpatient oncology floor as a CNA while she finished her nursing degree at NTC in 2019. She worked with Jess as an RN on the inpatient oncology floor until 2021 when she took the leap into traveling nursing to gain knowledge, skills, and meet new people! Although traveling nursing was something that shaped her into the nurse she is now; recently getting married and buying a house has her wanting to settle down. Health has always been important to her and she is ready to focus on that working at Vitality Bar close to home! When she is not working it is hard to find her indoors as walking her dog, hiking, traveling, swimming, and anything with fresh air is what brings her joy!

Brianna Urmanski

Brianna is a Central Wisconsin native. She attended Winona State University-Rochester and got her bachelor's degree in nursing in 2020. That same year, she started working on the inpatient oncology unit as a registered nurse. Brianna enjoys spending time with her husband and son, going to their families’ cabins, traveling, and golfing. 

Brianna looks forward to helping with your health and wellness journey at Vitality Bar. 

Felicia Fruend

Felicia graduated from the State College of Beauty Culture in 2010.  She has a background in holistic aesthetics as well as medical aesthetics.  Over the years she has enjoyed helping her clients look and feel their very best.  Felicia enjoys spending time with her family, reading and cooking.

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